CADless CNC Plasma


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A friend mentioned a CNC Plasma cutter to me last week where by you can "point and shoot" or "connect the dots".

I was not looking for it but stumbled across this post referenced on another Shop forum. Looks pretty cool for those of us not up to speed on CAD.

The link to where it is being sold. I see it is "in development" but shipping in early 2022 and looks Canadian.



Any new info on this machine? Just got a link to it from a friend and taking a look, it's small enough that I could actually use it in my garage. I don't have room for a permanent table, but something like this might very well work.

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Interesting, that machine just showed up in a youtube channel which is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine (because it's very much an empty calories kind of channel. More entertainment than knowledge sharing). The arc droid stuff starts around the 10:30 minute mark, and then they have the inventor on around 12:30 to talk a bit about it and show how it actually works. I had a quick look at their website, but the price seems high to me, but what do I know, the cnc world is unknown to me.



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If I had a need it seems like very cool product. And I like its start-up ethos.


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Looks awesome. Compact and easy to use. Maybe in a couple of years the Chinese will come up with their (stolen design) version at an affordable price.