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BXA tool holder rack

John Conroy

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I had made one of these for my old lathe but it stayed with the machine when I sold it. I picked up a 1 foot by 4 foot sheet of 10 gauge steel and sliced a bunch of pieces off it for this project. The 2 uprights are 1/4" X 3" flat steel, overkill but that's what I had laying around. The angle brackets are 2" wide pieces of 2.5" angle iron. It holds 22 BXA holders. I'm going to pick up some paint for it today. 20190303_103059.jpg 20190303_105414.jpg 20190305_134858.jpg 20190305_134905.jpg 20190305_145225.jpg 20190305_145910.jpg 20190305_145706.jpg