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Best tool/method for cutting v-grooves with milling machine?


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I want to machine a replacement riser for a head/tail stock for an old lathe. This will involve cutting a v-groove and I am interested in the approach everyone would/has used and would recommend.

I've watched some videos, Tubalcain goes all end-mill w/head rotate, others use a double-angle cutter, some use magic and machines I can't afford.

The double-angle cutter is interesting to me, but I don't want to plunk down money if y'all say it is a waste, or if there is a cheap easy way to do this with standard tooling.

This is a smaller lathe, and the v-grooves are not that tall (think 1/4") high. If I had socks on I'd run out and measure the angle, but assume 'typical'


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I have my socks on so I checked my Southbend’s way. The top angle is 90 degrees.
When I made a carriage stop I mounted the stock at 45 deg and cut the groove with an endmill.