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Shop Be fire safe folks!



Scrapper of metal
Premium Member
A member of the Hobby Machinist forum had a serious fire in their shop, sustained burns and had zero fire insurance because no one would cover welding in the shop.
A house or shop fire just scares the living bejeebers out of me. I have three 10lb extinguishers and I still don't feel good about welding in my shop.



Well-Known Member

Wishing a speedy recovery.

My dad almost died in a house fire, he was in the hospital for quite a while.

I had a near miss doing fuel sender in a 69 Mustang, way too similar to what was described.

When dealing with gas, think it through before.... what if?


Ultra Member
I have three 10lb extinguishers and I still don't feel good about welding in my shop.
I have 3 20 pounders in the shop. Regulations call for for one every 50 foot. I had 12 of them in the kennel when it was open and only ever used them when the neighbour set the world on fire with a bad bearing in the walkers on the combine. I emptied about 8 of them keeping the fire in the ditch from reaching our yard. His insurance paid for the refills.
I keep a fiberglass fire blanket spread out over the gas and diesel cans in the shop and keep them at the opposite end of the welders and grinders.
Fire is no joke.


Scrapper of metal
Premium Member
Thinking about the oxygen/acetylene rig in my shop that I never use and the fifteen feet to my neighbour’s house is giving me pause. If there was a fire, guaranteed my insurance would not cover damages.


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My friend a professional welder said NEVER weld or grind and then leave the shop. You never know if a spark will ignite some sawdust or other flammable material. Hang around for at least 15 minutes to be safe.

I need better fire protection in my shop. Thanks for the heads up.


New Member
I have a fear of fire. That's why I always double-check easily flammable materials. But thanks for the warning.