Balloon in the sky with diamonds ?

little ol' e

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Anyone see the balloon floating around our airspace?
I couldn't make out the writing on it, but it doesn't look like our standard alphabet letters.
Strange but interesting...

little ol' e

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You mean the "civilian research airship" aka Chinese spy balloon?

I couldn't make out the title on it since I've never studied the Chinese dialect.
It wasn't spotted in the U.S only thou, it made its way to this side of the pond as well.

Was it grade 3 when the teachers would tell us to be kind to each other, treat our planet with respect, because its the air that we breathe?
To think, I posted "OUR" airspace lol.

Tom Kitta

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I think its US hyperbola - why would the Chinese send a spy balloon over US and Canada when their spy satellites - by US admittance - provide them with better info? Why not shot it down to prove to the world that it is indeed a spy balloon - you can down it over unpopulated area - its not like there are a lot of people living in ... Montana. Maybe the reason is you know that its not a spy balloon?
Finally Chinese and anyone else know if they were to send such spy balloon it would crate embarrassing incident - so why? If their intention was to send a message to the US / warning / threat with spy balloon why say its civilian? Also I feel there are better less ambiguous ways to send messages to US.

If it does not make logical sense it is probably false info. Thus I have a feeling its errant civilian balloon and US is milking it for "value".

little ol' e

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No politicin' likin' needed here,
Title says balloon in the sky with diamonds.. I just figured they were for us, I'd love to shower my wife with diamonds.
Perhaps, its just a balloon that got away after their big new year bash. I've had balloons get away on me too....
I just hope its energy efficient without leaving another huge carbon footprint that my kids will have to pay for!
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little ol' e

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If it does not make logical sense it is probably false info. Thus I have a feeling its errant civilian balloon and US is milking it for "value".

False info, errant civilian balloon, milking.... I better get back to school to re-learn this stuff.


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Every time a post like this pops up, my mind's eye wanderers off into the distance, up up and away...... And not unlike this here balloon it floats high above the country side, taking in the sights. Come dusk, off in the distance, a faint glow emerges from dimly lit window gently illuminating the golden tassels on the edge of a vast corn field. Inside we find a grizzled mountain of a beast, with more fur than Greta Garbo in the 50's..... He turns to his easy boy recliner, trusty phone in hand and settles to catch up with some old friends in his favorite hangout when a two bottom plow cuts a deep fuurow across his brow, up from his chair, and to the side table he goes. Into his favorite tumbler, two fingers of Scotch does he pour, he turns back to his chair, and with a shudder he stops, and places the glass back with a plop, picks up the bottle and heads to his chair, muttering away "From this dog, I'm gunna need a little hair ....)

.... He can't really get mad at me for poking a little fun if I don't use names, right?


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Years ago I was up in NORAD and they scrambled to intercept and escaped weather balloon. It was decided that for practice they would shoot it down, so a pilot was designated to shoot it with a missle and he missed! Apparently the balloon took evasive sat there :D.

I have a feeling the pilots remember the story and don't want to look bad.


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The Pentagon said in a statement: “The balloon is currently traveling at an altitude well above commercial air traffic and does not present a military or physical threat to people on the ground.”

Later on Thursday, Canada’s National Defence released a statement saying that it was monitoring a “potential second incident”.