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Back Yard Hot Molten Metal Guy


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Welcome to the forum! I'm also in Calgary. Would love to see some posts about your casting on here!


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Hi YYCHM --- saved all my Toys and Toy money to just do the retirement time in peace!

Metal Head Side:
Southbend Heavy 10" (all the toys)
Bridgeport Mill (all the toys)
9" Prema Shaper - Sweden
48" Sheet metal bending

Wood Bandsaw Rockwell
Rojek 5 in 1 Wood Center
Rockwell Uniplanner
Rockwell Radial Drill press
Oneway Wood Lathe
Mig - Tig - arc
Lost Wax


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Welcome to the gang from Ontario. Looks to me like you have your future all planned out. I'm jealous! You will enjoy the forum. Have fun!


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Tom O: When you cast iron where do you get the Ferro Silicon from and do you add sawdust or coal dust to the sand?

As one knows Wood dust, Coal dust/charcoal dust is use in cast iron to stop Green sand from melting on to the casting. Spray the sand mold with Graphite. Put a handful of limestone gravel on top of the scrap cast iron in the crucible. Too up the carbon in the charge have put Crushed BBQ Bricks, Coal and wood dust in the Charge - big wood handle to stir - getting the cast Iron up to super Heat as well. The pot is just like a sparkler.

i see that one can now get small amounts of Ferrosilicon alloy on FleeBay.
Ferrosilicon alloy

Pictures of my Shop from years ago Sand Fluffer - Furnace - Moulding Bench
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Been casting for about 15 years - Petrobond - Green Sand - lost wax, big to small - Aluminum - Bronze - Cast Iron - silver - gold. Location Calgary
Welcome from Calgary Tuner! Are you looking to take on any gold casting projects? Have some jewelry that would like to be casted!


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Welcome from Calgary Tuner! Are you looking to take on any gold casting projects? Have some jewelry that would like to be casted!
Sorry, but I’m behind in my own projects at this time…years ago I studied at ACAD now Alberta University of the Arts - touch base with them an advance Starving Student can be found.
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