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Axle shaft machining


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Seen an ad on kijiji for your forums here and figure someone on here might be looking for a job.
I have a set of custom axle shafts I need to build and to do so I need some fairly easy machine work done

Work needed is as follows

I have for 4 stub shafts that need a 0.750" hole punched through the center of the yoke 2" deep and then have the shaft cut off flush with the back of the yoke.

I then have 4 axle shafts that need to be cut to a specific length and then have he first 1.25" of the shaft turned down to .750" diameter

2 shafts will need to be polished as to create a sealing surface.

Shafts are 1.5" diameter and the longest piece is 40" which I'm not sure if anyone here has a bed that long.

The yoke with the 0.75 hole will be pressed on to the shortened shafts with the .0.75 dowel.

Pics for a general idea of what I need done.




John Conroy

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How are you planning to attach the yokes to the axles? A press fit with no splines is not going to be very strong. I'm not sure welding the end of the shaft will be either. What are these axles for and how much power are they going to transmit? I could easily do that machine work but I'm not sure it will do the job you want. Are you located in The Edmonton?


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Shafts are for a Eaton HO72/Dana 60 hybrid steering axle. Before being pressed on I will bevel the shaft at both weld zones, unless this is something you feel like doing while turning the shaft down, After being pressed on the shaft I will give it a 7018 3 pass around the shaft to the base of the yoke and the .75 stub will be plug welded on the other side. It's a proven procedure and a lot cheaper than getting custom shafts built from scratch.

Located in Innisfail.

John Conroy

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I think that will work fine if welded on both sides of the yoke. If you can get the parts and drawings/specs to Edmonton I can do that machine work for you. Send me an email at jconroy at shaw.ca and we can arrange the details. My sister in law lives in Innisfail, if you are not in a hurry maybe she could bring the parts next time she comes to Edmonton.

Sounds like a cool truck project, maybe you could post some pics here.

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