Anyone use or used a quick connect for welding gas?

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Hey folks,

Anyone using or have used a quick connect for welding gas? See pic:


Since my bottles do not travel around with my table/welder I was thinking to hook up my hose with one of these to make the process of disconnecting the gas a little simpler each time I use the welder. Would also help with a switch back and forth between Mig gas and Argon for the Tig. I have my Oxy/Acet with the quick connects and it is super fast to put the torches together and then disassemble for storage.

Just wondering if there is any experiences good or bad using one on the shielding gas?


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I had some for my O/A Kangaroo Kart years ago. They worked fine. I seem to recall they were a tad bulky as I also had flashback arrestors on as well, but these days I think FBA are integrated into many torches. I don't have them anymore and my knowledge is 20+ years ago, but that was my experience.


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I use one on my argon so I can swap betweeen air and argon (air for plasma cutter) on my multiprocess machine

I’m hesitant to put one on oxy/propane rig

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Right on Kevin,

I gather the fitting is tight enough for the light airs of Argon? the Oxy/Acet ones work very well - fast change of torches - we have them on the ship without issue. The flame arrestors can get big but the small ones are also not an issue.

I was thinking about it as un-doing the hose all the time from the back of the welder is just a bit of wear and tear but there is also the contaminants from the surroundings I have to keep watch for etc. it is $40 for the connector and I may just see how it works out........


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My Canaweld DC-AC TIG 201 Pulse D welder setup came from Canaweld with quick release fittings for the Argon gas line. Seems to work fine.

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3BEDFAB4-56A4-47C2-8D6F-31373C1BE7DE.png @Hruul - sorry for the way late reply: it was on Amazon (see above) but seems to have increased in cost by $12. I also got a 30’ hose for it and it works great. Yes there is some small gas loss when you disconnect but it is pretty small. Very convenient to leave the bottles fixed to the wall and just run out the hose.