Any Toronto GTA members interested in a meet-up?


The first post is a meet-up that I was hoping to attend. I was given info by a guy who responded to an ad that I placed in kijiji. In the ad I had said that I was looking to create a group that would be interested in metal casting. This guy Sam responds telling me that he has a biz in casting. He then mentions the blacksmiths meet. So I meet the guy prior and holy crap this guy is out there. Bloody nuts. So needless to say I won't be attending the blacksmiths meet in the future.

Now another Toronto meet-up Is in the works for Toronto and GTA members of this fine forum. So I'm new to this kinda organizing and It was suggested that a meet at a Tummies is the norm. The location and date I am unsure about as scheduling conflicts can arise with this sort of this and such. So if their are members in the area who would like to get together and talk shop just send a message or simply just post and hopefully we can make this happen. Thanks guys for your help...

Hi, just cruising through this site after "joining up" a few minutes ago and saw your request for help with casting. I have to shoot out right now but if you would care to review my intro in the new member forum it may give you some idea of what I am up to here in Brampton.
Do let me know if I can be of help.