Aluminium Spools


Hey guys,
I was hoping someone would be up for turning me a few aluminum spools (think big bobbins).
ill add a picture but what im hoping for are some aluminium spools with an outer diameter of 2.25" A total width of 1.125" a center hole .5" and .125 for all the wall thicknesses. I need at least 2 but price depending i might want more.
Thanks for any help,

feel free to ask any questions ill do my best to answer them.


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Hi Anthony
Is the "axle" diameter 0.125 + 0.5 + 0.125 = 0.75" ?

Any flexibility on the 2.25" diameter?

Steel maybe?


Hey Janger,
Yes the axel would be .75" over all with a .5" hole. I have some leeway with the diameter but weight and corrosion is an issue so i would need aluminum.


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You might want to discuss the 0.5" hole beforehand in terms of tolerance. Will the part be free spinning on a shaft, will it be press fit on a shaft, is the shaft diameter generic or is something in hand that needs to be a fit-to type thing. How that hole is made (drilled, bored, reamed...) will factor into those parameters & it wont be an easy thing to alter after the fact.