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Tips/Techniques All About Bolts & Threaded Connections

I ran across this article about Bolts and Torque that like a lot. It is an easy read and infinitely better than a YouTube video. It covers many of the things I have tried to describe in other threads in an excellent way - much better than I have. I especially like the way he uses springs as analogies for threaded connections. In my opinion, it's a highly recommended read for anyone using bolts and nuts.

At the end of his article he suggests additional reading. "An Introduction to the Design & Behavior of Bolted Joints" by John Bickford. I have this book in my Library. It is excellent, but prolly a bit more than most would need. But if you really want to to know more about Bolted Connections, this is the book to get.

Bickford also has another book called "A handbook of Bolts and Bolted Joints." I've seen it but don't have my own copy. It's more of an applications book than a reference text book. He also has one on Gasketed Connections.

I think the main take away is that there is a lot more to a Bolted Connection than just a Threaded Bolt & Hole.
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