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A thread to mention A.M.E.N.

A.M.E.N. (Alberta Metal Enthusiast Network)
... is about metal casting, heat engines, gear trains, knives,
armour, machines tools and tool holders, jigs and
fixtures, small motorcycles, electro-mechanical
mechanisms and other neat stuff.​

The group meets VERY informally on the fourth
Thursday of each month at the Humpty's Restaurant,
4503 Gateway Blvd. (one block north of Whitemud
Freeway on Gateway Blvd. East side, just north of
the Greenwood Inn)

Newcomers are invited to find an available seat at a
table where the conversation seems interesting and
join in.

****************** UPCOMING EVENTS CALENDAR **************

Plan to attend one or more of the following events to
see examples of work by regular participants at A.M.E.N.

September 19 & 20th Reynolds Alberta Museum Fall Metal Show
October 3, 2015 A.M.E.N. Annual Fall Show
October 17 & 18, 2015 Estevan Model Engineering Show


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I drove up to Reynolds museum (Wetaskwin) for the Fall Metal Show as advertised above. The metal folks were an interesting mix of mechanical types, some high quality knife makers, lest see, some forge/ornamental iron & jewelry smith artisan types. For me it was a win-win because the museum itself is actually pretty impressive display of cars & aviation & related historical stuff. I met a Dave Pape who had a table with some impressive engine & tooling on display. Turns out we actually met once in the 80's. He built a 5-cyl radial Edwards back then. Now he has this opposed 4 nearly complete from his own design & believe his own crank case casting. Then the turbine... OMG, lots of Inconel parts, (homebrew) cnc'd rotors, some carbon? sinker die stuff for EDM parts etc. I didn't get good pics of the components so just a couple teasers. He mentioned the A.M.E.N group of some like minded crazies, so I may have to make a trek up to Oilers country once in a while to check them out.


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ps EddyCurr, do you have any details of October 3, 2015 A.M.E.N. Annual Fall Show..


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Hello Edmonton guys. Unfortunately I was not able to come up for the Oct-3 show. Drats. Did anybody take some pics & post them somewhere?

Also, I've tried searching for A.M.E.N. on the web & sent a few emails & 'conversations' on this forum to individuals I thought likely might be in the know. Anyway, can anyone elaborate on the TIME you guys meet up as below?

The group meets VERY informally on the fourth Thursday of each month at the Humpty's Restaurant, 4503 Gateway Blvd....


It's actually the last thursday of the month and we usually get under way at about 7pm and we are there for a good couple hours.