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Air vs Coolant


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I'm surprised that made sense as I kind of explained it in a backwards difficult way. I'm always on my little phone keyboard and in a hurry and I don't reread before sending as much as I should.

No worries. All ya gotta do is tickle the logic nodes in my brain and then the crazy jigsaw guy upstairs fits all the pieces together for me. Sometimes he does it upside down though, and I get handed a pile of crap.


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I think what we need are more ways that members can benefit from the size of our group.
For example: Purchasing Groups for tooling, material, consumables.
Individually we don’t catch the interest of suppliers and vendors.

If you go into a suppliers management and say you have 100 people who buy items for metalworking, they are more likely to listen to your proposals.

As the CHMW ‘Group’ . . . there may be pricing benefits, if you commit to a list of vendors.
I wonder who might have membership ‘data‘ based on Province ?

The ‘data‘ is what drives ‘pricing’ decisions and supplier agreements.
In terms of air or coolant, I've done the mist cooling method which uses air (lots of it) and the coolant is only to add a cooling effect. I only use it when the splash is not control and cooling is important.

Beyond that as much flood cooling is desired, wish I had thru spindle/tooling and high pressure (1,000+psi) but alas just low pressure and about 50gph....BUT......cutter life, I have removed in excess of 70lbs of AL and the cutter looks like new (still using it). Without cooling less than 15-20lbs before cutter starts to cause issues.

I know that @little ol' e knows more than I do so take my comments as an experience based on my set up. IMHO coolants and methodology is constantly improving, but if it works why mess with it as you may cause yourself more problems than its worth.