A special note of thanks.....


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I had wondered what the best method would be to share with everyone that we have amongst us an incredibly generous and considerate individual.

I buy a lot of my machinery and machinist items on eBay and have it shipped to a company in Niagara Falls NY. This company holds everything for me and once I have a pile I drive the hour from my house and collect it.

With Covid 19 a number of items got “trapped” at the border. I reached out to this individual on this forum and to my delight, and yes, it was exactly that, “delight”, he responded.

I will cut to the end because there were heroics, and coordination efforts that were indicative of “Circ de Soleil” choreography. From initial contact to the successful arrival of my pallet of miscellaneous goodies was less than 24 hours.

I am so thankful for this individuals efforts, and while the individual will remain unnamed, it is my privilege to offer my gratitude and my respect. Too, I have made a donation of $500 to a charity that was suggested by the individual. I mention this ONLY to hopefully illustrate the depth of my appreciation.

We have amongst us people who are willing to reach out, help one another, and who affect each others lives. I am SO proud and fortunate to be involved in this community of individuals. As I look at the world around us, it is comforting to know that as Canadians, 3 individuals who have never met each other can put together an operation that relied on trust, respect and a pile of coordination. “We” can do SO much. Proud to be Canadian, and proud to call this individual a friend.

Cheers all.


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