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7 x 12 Bandsaw and 17" drill press for sale

Tom Kitta

Active Member
Well I have two other drill presses in my shop - one 22" King I believe and one Swedish gear head. Given that my mill can also drill I seem to have covered drilling very well. The extra drill press I want to sell is in my dad's garage and he has another 22" drill press already.

As for band saw I have some old "Metalin" branded band saw from the 50s. Its Dutch made. Its around 500kg. It can cut big stuff - I never measured by it feels like 20 x 12 or something like that. Its main drawback is rather uber-sensitive clutch system that stops the saw the moment the engine starts working - which itself is somewhat tiny at just 1.5hp 3ph. However, its not like I am running production runs - its cuts angle steel super quick. Maybe I need a new bandsaw blade.

As you can see I just have no use for yet another - a bit smaller drill press. The band saw I guess could be made into horizontal so maybe there is some use to it if I wanted to modify it. I.e. if I cannot sell the band saw I may try to figure out how to make it work for me. Then again garage space is precious.