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3D printer at P.A.


Scrapper of metal
Premium Member
I have used F360 but my laptop struggles to run it with anything terribly complicated.
Am now transitioning to Freecad as it seems to require less processing power.


Ultra Member
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that's because it does so much less :) I would reco getting a better computer. Re-learning cad sw is not conducive to getting things done.

Especially not if you are going backwards at the same time.

I am coming off of CATIA. It's all I can do to muster up enough will-power to re-learn something so much less capable like F360.

On the other hand, I cannot even remotely, in my wildest dreams, afford a CATIA seat. So Fusion 360 here I come - albeit slowly, kicking, screaming, and whining, and otherwise acting out like a big spoiled baby (as in this post). ;)