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3D printed Oil Cups......


Jack of all trades -- Master of none
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The mystery shaper that I'm working originally came with press-fit oil cups in variety of sizes (4mm, 6mm, 8mm). I attempted to use ball-oilers..... which were 'ok' on the larger sizes, but I found the 4mm ball-oiler really tough to use as the ball is extremely small.

I decided to 3d Print a prototype, and all things considered, I think this is going to work fine. I don't expect them to last forever, they may just erode as I'm unsure the impact of oil on PETG.

I didn't go for a spring hinge (yet), I simply use a straight wire.


And the prototype:


And since that worked fine.... mass production!


And the finished lot:


A single unit comes off the line in 11 minutes..... A batch of 10 in 3 hours....

I used a 1.5mm hole for the hinge and the throat.
These look great.
How long did it take you to design these on your CAD program?
I'm totally new to CAD and 3D printing, so I'm curious how much time guys put in...


Jack of all trades -- Master of none
Premium Member
How long did it take you to design these on your CAD program?
First prototype, 15 minutes. Each revision (there are 3) was about 2 minutes to tweak a dimension.

Full disclosure -- I'm a Fusion hack..... I embrace the sketch/dimension/extrude model.... I don't fully get the 'component' model etc. But I've learned to rapid develop a shape that can be printed really quickly.

First version - cap fit too tight, wasn't tall enough, lid thickness was too thin, it cracked
Second version - used 1mm holes, clearance on cap not enough
Third version - 1.5mm holes (press fit for the wire I have), cap has 'resistance' but does not require two hands to open. Perfect.

I know I can buy these..... saving up for a larger McMaster order..... but this does the job at hand -- delivering oil.


I found some brass ones on e-bay . Here is the item title.
Brass Grease Oil Cup Oiler Spring Flip Cap Fit For Hit Miss Engine 20pcs