22mm 1.5 plug tap

Im looking to rent a tap for about an hour I need to clean up a water jacket plug in an aluminum head which should have been running already. Thank you.
Sorry im in Calgary. I did find one locally but at $110 I had to pass. I did order one from Hong Kong but 5 weeks away if it does show I've had poor successes ordering anything over seas.


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I checked KBC, 43.81$C as below PN. I'vehad pretty good luck with their 'KBC' brand in metrics. Usually out of eastern block Europe.
If its available there, you might want to give Thomas Skinner or local supplier a call. Suspect it would be same or less cost but FOB Calgary vs another 8.95 to ship from KBC in BC.

I've had very good luck buying from Asia suppliers (AliExpress & Ebay). But the downside is longer shipping times, so fast is never equal to cheap.


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