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CA-ON 1" plate GTA sourcing



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Looking for approx 12" x 24" x1" mild steel plate in the western GTA.

Have searched the forums and not been able to find what I am looking for,

Have quotes for $155.00 at Beech Road in Hamilton and $288 at my local Metal Supermarket - although in all fairness they will "sharpen their pencil" and get back to me. Happy to consider scrap yards or shops in Cambridge /Waterloo area too.


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You might check with Resource Metals in Oakville:

Resource Metals & Alloys
1428 Speers Road, Units 15-17
Oakville, ON L6L 5M1


You might also check another Metal Supermarket location. Each franchise is separate. My understanding is that the one near Pearson considers walk-in customers to be a nuisance and prices quotes accordingly. The one in Oakville is pretty easy to deal with but prices are never going to be stellar.


Please let us know how you make out.



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155 isn't actually that bad

bigger contractor I work for pays around 1.50 a lb, maybe a bit more on heavy FB (his words), so 80lbs of plate is going to be 120$ give or take, then someone has to cut it out of a plate (unless they have 12" FB...but still material handling), unless you can find a scrapper you probabaly won't get much cheaper