1.5” round die holder


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Die holder tray for 1.5” round dies. Could probably be scaled up/down to hold other sizes.
Seeing as the plastic tray in my tap and die box is falling apart, this looks like a great project. One for metrics, one for imperial, small one for pipe dies.....

@Janger you taking orders? :)


Repair...I broke it. Bad first layer - I didn't notice and ended up with a egg sized ball of filament coating the hot end and all the wires. I replaced the hot end but it's still not working very well.


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My 3D printer is in the shop. When it comes back sure.

This is a bit scary for me. Might be enough to stop me from getting one.

Where did you send it?
And how did you ship it?
And how much is it going to cost you?