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  1. CalgaryPT

    LED Mod to Honda HS520 Snowblower

    I'm a snowblower geek. Started out in the 1970s when I bought an old Craftsman 3 stage "Driftbreaker" to do our local hockey rink in Glendale. (It was missing the muffler, which was the best part for a 12 year old). I've had Toro's, MTDs, Ariens, but these days I am a die-hard Honda fan (of...
  2. CalgaryPT

    Collapsable Truck Bed Crane

    This is my completed 150 lbs truck bed crane. Finally painted and installed. Or Version 2.0 at least. It features an Optima Blue Top Deep Cycle battery and a 2000 lbs Princess Auto Tracker ATV Winch. I built it because I do a lot of volunteer “Snow Angel" work for 16 neighbours, mostly single...