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  1. Xyphota

    Should I wash the grease out of Myford ML7R headstock bearings?

    I picked up a ML7R recently and discovered that the previous owner put grease in all the grease fittings. I’ve disassembled the headstock/spindle and found the rear bearings also have grease in them. Thankfully the main bearing/bush has only oil in it. The manual says both the main bearing/bush...
  2. EricB

    Machine Lubrication

    Hey guys, I haven't been here in forever! My stupid phone is a piece of junk and I had to get rid of Tapatalk. Anyways, I'm finally getting my lathe back together after a year apart (I know, it's embarassing) and I'm wondering: What do you guys use for lubrication? Where do you go for...