mini lathe

  1. ntdenman

    Lathe-Only Machining of 'Bar Clamp'

    I'm interested in suggestions for setups to machine a tricky feature from the attached drawing; the parts are basically cylinders with a right-angle cylindrical 'bite' taken out of them at an offset location. I'd be making them out of brass rather than steel, which should help a bit. It seems...
  2. opensourcefan

    8x16 Metal Lathe Buyers Guide

    Disclaimer The following is an account of knowledge gained while researching my small lathe purchase. Keep in mind I only know what I know, don’t know what I do not know and don’t claim to know everything. I am not recommending a particular machine, take this info and apply it to your own...
  3. Noltez

    Profiline YPL-501 small lathe in Burlington, ON Not mine but I'm near by.