1. Andy G

    C$495.00 Brand New Original Multi Suisse Tool Holder

    C$495.00 Brand new Swiss origin Original Multi Suisse B tool holder. Highest quality tool on the market. Sized for 13-16 inch lathe. Exceptional accuracy and repeatability. Will ship any where. C$900.00 retail. Andy at 780-686-5657.
  2. M

    FOR SALE: Bison 3JSC 12.375” OD chuck

    I dont know if this is the right website to post a bigger chuck but I will try. Seems to me there are a lot of good and reasonable people using this site. Beautiful 12.375” OD self-centering 3 jaw Bison chuck. Made in Poland. D1-8 direct mount. Hard master jaws with reversible hard top...
  3. M

    FOR SALE: Mini mill and Tool & Cutter grinders

    I am a retired manual machinist. I started my shop in the early 1980s. The following items are available, as well as smaller hand tools and instruments, and many lathe chucks and lathe accessories (and larger 3 phase machines not suitable for home hobbyists). All machines are under power. All...