1. Billy

    AXA Lathe Tool Post Set

    Selling my comprehensive set of quick change tools. (Mrs Clause bought me a bigger lathe and bxa size tools are better suited) -The price includes shipping anywhere in Canada, feel free to share the listing -Will ship to the US at cost -Wedge-style AXA post -Variety of holders please see...
  2. H

    Where to buy Bison chuck?

    Hi Guys, I’m in the Calgary area and looking for a 4 jaw independent chuck that will fit on my 12” atlas lathe. Does anyone have any recommendations on where to look online, and does anyone know if there is a standard thread on the Atlas’s for the chuck to thread onto? Thanks Mike
  3. S

    For sale Atlas 7B shaper

    I have an Atlas 7B shaper for sale as is. I came across this unit in December, it cycles back and forth fine but I have never used it. It does look like it is in good solid shape except for the top adjusting handle is broke but it still travels up and down fine. I have deliberately joined...