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Hi Shawn

Where are you located? I'm in Calgary and have a 5gal pail of Shell Tonna-T68 way oil that I'm willing to share - bring your own container.

Thanks Bent. I am in Thunder Bay, ON....very kind of you though! Cheers,
OK, steel is packaged up, around 11kg in 21 x 18 x 14 box. CP says at least 35 CAD to ship. So send me 75 to and I mail either today or tomorrow.
Small hobby machine tools for sale In Saskatoon
Myford ML7 Tri-Leva metal lathe on original stand loads of accessories and 'spares' as the English say!
2 Atlas 7 in metal shapers 1 good condition and 1 90% restored both have original stands original working motors
Atlas MFC milling machine on custom build stand/storage cabinet some accessories
Have large amount of end mills
Welcome to view/make offer
How about posting pictures and prices in the classified thread? I might be interested in a shaper.
Jack Ryzer
Do you still have a shaper for sale?
Jack Ryzer
Would like to see what you have as I’m interested in what you may have forsale
Welcome to the club.

I play with watches and some light hobby metal working. The two go hand in hand. Always nice to be able to make a tool or part you need.
Are you locate din Calgary?

Hello I am new to this organization. The reason I joined is that I repair antique clocks and I often have to fabricate parts to have the clocks function again. I have purchased a mini lathe and I have two small mini lathes for use in this regard. I am looking to purchase a mini mill as it will also be useful in this function. I am constantly on the hunt for new information and new ways of doing things.
Welcome to the group. Where are you located? What kind of clocks? Etc, etc.

John. From Calgary
Hello Rudy,

Nice work in your surfece grinder machine, maybe I need do the same. I have a ingar rt-618-2A, have you got please a manual to help me with the disassembly(joaomvfalcao_gmail)?

João Falcão
Sent you a PM. Cheers, Rudy
Retired from working in diecasting for 42 years.
Active in collecting, rebuilding, and running antique and classic outboard motors.
The outboard hobby includes repairing or making replacement parts for marine engines that are well over 100 years old.
My ultimate goal is to create a living, breathing example of a 1907 Waterman Porto by starting out with an original piston and cylinder, and creating the rest myself.
perhaps some common interests maybe not 6.5 cal. but.... I'm a fan of 700 l.a. & s.a. V blocks ,full length bedding rails, pillars and such accoutrements.
Hi there !
New to Calgary, 29 years in BC, now in Calgary about a year. Moved here to be closer to Family.
69 year old male, no formal training (other than High School machine shop), know just enough to be dangerous.
Had a lathe, mill, welders etc. for many years, built a lot of my own equipment (jigs, fixtures tools etc.) for a contracting business we owned for about 35 years. Retired for a few years now.
Still rebuilding Enterprise 1550. I have the transmission back together and had 4 great days to get the main body painted a dried, 3 colour changes. Ran some new wires through from front panel for a couple new switches. Had to stop for now to finish rebuild of my wife’s Jeep. She has been without for some time. Did motor, steering, brakes and some suspension. She got to drive it today in the snow. HWHL
Apprenticed at GM Transmission Plant in Windsor Ontario as a Tool and Die Maker
Worked as a machinist technician at the University of Calgary Science Workshop.
Retired in May of 2012.
I sent you a PM regarding your LH thread project. Did you get it?

do you know of anyone coming out of Fort Mac with room for a pallet? I bought a small milling machine up there but need to get it south. Even if it is just to Calgary.