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Final moving days, new shop has insulated walls now, time to finish moving the old shop. Must be done before the 1st. Will be a busy couple of weeks.
Hi. I'm having a lot of "old guy" issues trying to locate a 2017 classified ad for the sale of a B. C. Ames Triplex machine tool. I do not understand this 3 post rule before I can pose questions. Please advise.
Hi J, , awhile back, you posted a retro-fit for your compressed air system / dryer-cooling, , is thread still active ??
I'm, looking for somebody to help me wire a couple of small stepper motors using Arduino and I was told the your the guy to help
Janger, This is Elwin, I'm back in town. Are we still good for that piece of steel we talked about?
Hello Kevin. It was nice to meet you at the function on Saturday. You have many of the same interests as myself.
Free group get together this Saturday Oct 21st 10:30 AM at Tim's - see Alberta Local Forums to RSVP.
Welcome Leo. Look forward to your projects & wisdom. Do you already have the machines of choice & its more about garage shop setup? Or are you in 'acquisition' mode? :)