Hey George!

I am in Winnipeg, I'm on the west-end of the city (Charleswood)

I'd also love to know who else is in and around Winnipeg, I see that:

* Free2fish
* mistermopey
* old_smokey
* george
* snocrusher

have each posted a recent (last few weeks) "New Member Intros" thread; I too would love to get a regional group together and would totally be down for future events or meetups!


I'd be up for a meetup once this covid goes away.

OMFG yes.

I was just getting the time in life to go attend meetup groups, reconnecting with some old friends, and enjoying and appreciating being around people for pleasure.. in Jan 2020.

Damn pandemic basically threw that out the window.

One day when shit get's going again; I'd be pumped to do a meetup!