Vernon BC checking in

Welcome from Lillooet BC, just around the bend a-ways.... I don't know if we can convert you from a 1/16" to a thou, but, we can certainly help you spend a thou or two......:p


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Ahh I've never been the sharpest tool in the shed.

You are not alone. Based on that first post, I actually put @kylem on my spam watch list.

No worries though Kylem, a good joke like that is better than a get out of jail free pass around here!

Sorry about that!

A big welcome to our group from an old rock farmer south of Chatham Ontario!


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Well come from south of Calgary, don't worry about 1/16 or a thou, just keep it on proper side of the line and try again.


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A couple buddies and I drove out to Vernon BC about 40 years ago. Beautiful town with thick forests and lots of mountain lakes nearby.
Lots of experience and expertise in this group.