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Tubing roller

I am always creating something for another project.
I am working on a 1931 model A hot rod.with a 331 chrysler hemi.
Nobody makes a trans adapter for the extended bell hemi to a chrysler a833 4 speed trans.
So I have to make my own adapter.
I need to roll 2 inch wide 1/4 thick bar in a 14" circle.

So I decided to build a tubing roller. I originally planned to drive it with a hydraulic motor and anticipated rolling 2" square tube 1/4 wall.
Slowly machining dies I want. Started with 2" square. I am working on 2.5" exhaust pipe dies (unlikely to work)
Need to make a few other dies but that will come with time. 20240109_135824.jpg 20240209_160234.jpg 20240209_160229.jpg 20240213_160520.jpg


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Keep experimenting.
I wanted to develop roll forming for making corrugated HDPE pipe years ago.
The pipe mould shapes were to be made from extruded aluminum and fitted with roll formed sections to suit the corrugation profile.
Higginson Inc in Hamilton used to deal in lots of roll forming components.
Keep the updates coming.


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Looks good.
You must have removed the ‘clamped‘ sections at the ends before you fused them together.


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How did you make those dies? let's see some more details. Are there bearings in the dies? Great project.