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SWAG Off Road - Cyber Monday the 26th! Everything on Sale!


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I've had great luck with their stuff, and they have been great to deal with over the phone. I've bought the Portaband tables, dimple dies, and even the Hulk tubing roller. Pricey of course, but some of their DIY kits like the press brake kits are good value.


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What a great bunch of stuff! I hadn't ever heard of this outfit but I think that's a neat combo...off road and fabrication stuff. I really thought these were a smart idea http://www.swagoffroad.com/SWAG-Alumi-Lid-8-Gallon-Baja-Bins-Accessory_p_73.html
(Seems spendy to me but maybe I'm just too cheap)

Thanks for the link
I'd guess that's true. It'd be a lot of hours to reproduce this without the exact same setup as they have to do it and wouldn't turn out as well.. My bet is that if I tried to make these, by the time I got to a useable one I'd have burned through a couple hundred dollars in materials.