South Bend 644A - 4’ Bed 9” Swing $2,500

Rob C

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This South Bend model A lathe is in good shape and has 1/2 hp motor and gear change box for the ability to cut threads. It also has a very solid steel table. This was my Dad’s retirement project and has been stored for 30 years. I recently had a fellow who was a machinist/gunsmith verify that it works. The belts need replacing. It is strapped to a pallet and ready to move. I would like to use it but don’t have the time.

Located in Regina SK

CCFE94FA-5287-4102-A5B0-F199D99FE4EA.jpeg 48C2AC44-9E54-4826-9290-C702AA7090C9.jpeg 5B138B0B-4340-4388-8B65-775DC0F06333.jpeg 8A0B6FA0-D42C-427A-A453-F723C842328F.jpeg A985324B-F0BD-4248-AC5D-5E36E4D77328.jpeg 936EC561-1C96-4B5B-861A-D0B1FD2F871A.jpeg ACB94EB6-D89C-4FBF-9DB6-CC2CF3D5B0BF.jpeg 534F4E24-75EC-4E30-9F32-F6F6B74DC1F2.jpeg A9166754-3939-4766-9F8F-0CF928D24435.jpeg 7A9B1D52-09EC-4FA5-949F-91C8B315F804.jpeg 04F7B367-6316-4234-AD4C-E74942298F1D.jpeg
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