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RSVP Here for the Calgary meetup April 20/2024 - 10:30 AM


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@Janger @phaxtris @molyknow @RobinHood

Members, please RSVP here to get your invitation to the April 20/2024 meetup. We will PM you the address for the meet just east of Calgary. If you don't respond to this thread you won't get an invite. There will be a BBQ lunch and some refreshments. There is no cost to the event - the forum and some members are covering it. We will start at 10:30AM. Organizers - let's try to get there at 10AM.

If you would like bring a friend please have them join the forum and RSVP.

Bring things to share, anything you'd like to sell/swap.

This is the RSVP only thread - to make it easier for the organizers please don't ask questions here etc. put them in the other discussion thread.

Please keep the location confidential.
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