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RF45 too good to be true!

Tom Kitta

Ultra Member
I am 100% this is a scam - there is no way to ship this thing to Canada from China for under $500 that I know of.

I am just unsure of the angle. I also see a lot of similar equipment in same price range. Maybe its grab and run type of a deal? I wonder what buyer protection is provided by ali in these cases.

If actual mill - even in poor shape - arrives, I think people here would order like container loads of these ;)

Tom Kitta

Ultra Member
Maybe they are trying for a scam where they keep your money for a month or two and hope you "forget" and never ask for it back. If you remember they refund.
If they sell 1000s there got to be 1% where they get payday.


Ultra Member
Paid through paypal with my credit card, so two layers of protection. Its worth a shot. My buddy is looking for a mill.

three, Aliexpress. They seem to be ok, their existence depends on customers not being scammed. I've had one fail to deliver and one return, not as smiley happy as amazon, but they made sure there was a refund.

Tom Kitta

Ultra Member
Yeah Ali returned multiple times - I had whole package missing and they refunded like 4 things. But nothing was over 100 CAD yet.

Dan Dubeau

Ultra Member
I've yet to order anything from ALI, and notice every time I visit to browse there is a huge "first time" discount on pretty much every item I look at and it seemingly keeps getting bigger, trying to entice me to buy something, anything. The problem is, I don't want to waste it now on something small and insignificant, when I could save it for something bigger but I don't know what to use it on. I'm thinking about a 4060 80watt laser, or induction forge or something like that, but keep putting it off. Every few months I'll start browsing again after following a link, and the discounts seem bigger and bigger.....Kinda waiting for the day when banner scrolls across the top that just says "cmon man, just buy something already" or they pay me just to finally take something and set the hook lol.
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Super User
427 with free shipping... I ordered one. We'll see if it shows up

Had what I thought was good deal on mag chuck controller and they sent me DM telling me they were out of stock and to cancel order. And the price of the controller went up to 275$. So most likely somthing like that will happen if not that's a sweet deal

It seems that the cancelled order still counts as a sold unit so maybe a scam to boost fake sale stats.


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I found this sale with a google search for “ZAY7045FG” where the aliexpress item showed up. If you search for ZAY7045FG directly on the aliexpress site it doesn’t find it. ?????


Active Member
Reminds me of the BS-0 dividing heads on eBay a couple of years ago, or $100 kilos going back a few decades.

I think they're just working the float, collect interest on the money until they have to refund.


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Premium Member
that is 100% a scam, cancel the charge

I spend a lot of ali express, 1000$ + per year, heck im up to 400$ this year already, i have no issues spending my money there. BUT, watch those to good to be true, and if its from one of those shop12354886431 with no reviews, it is guaranteed a scam.

I have been bitten, less than 100$ total. what some of them will do is post it as shipped, have tracking, and it takes a super long time to get "delivered", once it does (get "delivered") and you figure out something is wrong its to late to cancel/reverse/refund.