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Stumbled on this website. I haven't compared prices rigorously, but just eyeballing various solid chunks & off-cuts looks reasonable from what I recall of other vendors (plastic is friggen expensive everywhere). The nice aspect appears to be CDN source. The bummer is, no information on shipping. I tried populating the cart & doing a faux checkout, but it failed to launch. Might have to ring them during bus hours. Guessing it cant be all hat bad if CanPost. At least its not USD & border fees. Anybody used them?

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I was able to get a shipping price by entering my postal code. There are lots of shipping options ranging from ~$22 to $145 for 0.7 lb of HDPE.


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There is a place in calgary called industrial paint and plastics. They have a storefront over near KMS. I was there buying plexiglas but i noticed they had tons of big blocks of UHMW and Delrin.