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Partner/Milltronics CNC Mill $3000 Langley BC


I Tried, It Broke
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Probably a good deal, even if the CNC controller is sketchy



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Centurion 6 control runs a Pentium class, industrial, single board computer, on a backplane.

The CRT screen, if not color, can be easily replaced by a LCD monitor, and you can have full color display. Should be a plug to push a keyboard serial plug in to, inside the front display housing too.

I ran a Milltronics with a Centurion 5 controller in it, at work, and eventually bought it's sister machine, when it went up on CADC. Milltronics was pretty good about support on these old machines.


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I'll add that according to a service tech that used to do a lot with these machines, the only part that is actually three phase, in the machine, is the VFD that runs the head, the rest are tapped off 110v/120v.

According to him, put hots on #1, and #2, on the VFD, and jumper #2, and #3 together, and it should run fine on single phase power.