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OKay...who scooped the Atlas lathe for a song?


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There was one of those 'Estate Sales' in Acadia (heritage/fairmount dr) that Brian Lehman auctions puts on every now/then and they had an Atlas lathe listed in the ad.

I went by a few hours after the sale started and the lathe was already gone: expected that since an Atlas can be a good unit and there were probably many people there before me. What I Didn't expect was them to tell me they had it listed for $150!!!

So....who here grabbed that it as that, unless it was trashed, it was a smokin deal, Hmmm?!?

In contrast, they had a tabletop wood bandsaw with a fractional hp motor for $225...their prices were all over the map.
It was me. :)

I haven't been on here too much. I do come and read posts.

Stopped by here looking for a few items for the lathe today.

It's funny how stories get out of hand. The price they told you is out by a factor of 3.



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Just repeating what the staff standing in the room said; even @ adjusted price it would be a good deal if it came with the accessories, etc. Probably the best deal in the room....Hope it works out well for you.

These 'estate' guys are somewhat erratic re: pricing so it wouldn't surprise me if there was a misfire on certain pieces. Mostly I've found them to be high-sided upon opening the sale but sometimes they get more receptive on the latter day.
:) It was plugged in. I could have tried it, but a swarm was forming so I just bought it. You know. Took a chance.

I had read up on the Atlas lathe for at least four days prior. I kinda set a budget of $400-$500. When I seen the tag I thought it was $480.00 It really took a minute to sink in. The other buyers started to come from the first room into the second little room in that work shop and I figured I better act fast. After I bought it, I started to search around for any of the missing items I might need. (Like the change gears, chucks, tooling)

Afterwards, I got to talk to a gentleman (Rob) who had used the lathe and said it worked great. No issues. It looks like it had been set up to turn wood. Home made tool rest

Like I said. "It's funny how stories get out of hand." lol. I was just lucky. Everything fell into place. Right time, right place.

It is the Atlas 3982 model. Which means it is a 12" lathe 24" between centers. It does not have the quick change gear box. I got 6 of the 10 (I believe there should be 10 change gears). One change gear is missing a tooth. Appears to be in very good shape. Mostly dirty.

My other happy surprize is it is fitted with the Timken bearings in the headstock. You can just see a small portion of the remaining sticker on the head. These bearings were one of ungrades Atlas had made on these lathes.

Just spending the day reading and learning more about it.



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Nice score. I guess on one hand wood turning means light, inconsequential load. OTOH, sawdust + oil or grease can make for some nasty mung. I'd wash every nook & cranny with degreaser & give it a close inspection. A buddy of mine bought a piece of machinery that was real bad that way. The double whammy was (misapplied) grease lubrication & sawdust fines was caked on the gears & bushings & other sub-mechanisms to extent that metal parts were worn prematurely. Wood dust isn't so bad in simple woodworking machinery & occasional use doesn't hurt anything, but something to look out for in more typical metalworking machines. The other area to have a peak is the motor windings.

What metal turning bit and bobbles did you get with it? I don't see a chuck in your image.
Not too much more came with it. I did get the 5" three jaw chuck you see in the photo sitting on the stand (no chuck key), the cross slide (not shown), the original tool post and one bit holder (original style....don't know the proper name for this style of bit holder).

I will most likely purchase a QCTP, probably a china version. Any recommendations. I think I need an AXA size.

A new chuck would be nice. 6"? 4 jaw? Any recommendations? My guess is I will need a backing plate with the 1.5 8tpi to adapt the chuck to. (Or should I look for an original used Atlas chuck?)

The toughest part of this whole thing is............where is it going to live? lol. I have managed to build a little shop in my basement. (If you search back in some of my older threads you can see what I have.) This is light enough to get down the stairs, but is starting to be on the larger side of things.

It is pretty nice to be able to just walk downstairs when it's -20C outside. I have a detached 24'X24' garage with no heat. I'll have to think this one over a bit more.

Thank you for the great comments. I hope you all can find a deal like this sooner or later. :)