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Melting Powder Coated scrap


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Other than burning it off or using a chemical paint remover is there an easy way to remove power coat paint? I have lots of scrap that's covered in that stuff and I'd rather not create stinky smoke. Can it be heated and then just scraped off?


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Premium Member
Burning, stripping, or a wire wheel on a grinder are they only reasonable ways

Blasting is slow, very very slow

I did powder coating on the side for a while...mistakes were painfull, I tried every different option. They best thing would be if you could get a 50g drum of the specially formulated stripping chemical (I don't recall the name)....but it's not worth it unless you are planning on doing it full time

Tom Kitta

Ultra Member
Essentially for small things just melt painted.... I know, sets things on fire. But it would not be very economical to try to strip a lot of this stuff.


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The guys that do it full time have a 50g drum of stripper, and just dunk/submerge over night

The paint on stuff doesn't often work as well as that video, by the looks of it there was little to no prep work (that chrome should not have been shiny) and it was likely a very thin coating, just about any stripper would have lifted that coating

How well the surface was prepped makes a big difference as to how easily it comes off, as well as the coating thickness

It's a bastard to get off a well applied coating, and if it's a two stage...even worse

Burning does work quite well, and easy...that is the reason they make burn off ovens to remove old coatings


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Yeah, like the Doukhobor grannies say, fire solves a lot of problems... "Course, they liked gettin' nekkid when they went problem solving...

Run a hot furnace with a fair bit of extra fuel up the exhaust, you should be able to keep the smoke minimized. Or burn the stuff off in a used up campfire pit...

Or skip dealing with powder coated crap until the winds are up enough to move the smell along before it offends anyone's sensibilities....


Process Manager, Machinery Designer & Builder
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As an alternative to chemical strippers . . .
My brother has a mobile sandblasting unit and says he cleans off powder-coated parts for various clients all the time.