How do you store your collets?

John Conroy

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I've been storing my R8 and 5C collets as well as my commonly used R8 tools on a wood rack screwed to the back of a tool box. Today I added another rack for the ER40 stuff I just got. The only complaint I have about this storage method is everything gets covered in dust. The tools are easy to access and when I select a tool from the rack I give it a squirt of brake cleaner and blow it off with compressed air to remove dirt and oil before inserting it. I would be interested to see how others store these tools.



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Hey John, a small sheet of clear plastic fastened at the top and trailing down on each rack would help reduce dust collection plus allow you to see items held in the racks. Just saying!
My collets sit on a cart directly below and between my drill press and milling machine so get alot of swarf thrown their way, plus I kick up alot of dust in my shop. I didn't have them uncovered for long before I realized I needed to do something. An old towel stapled to the back of the collet holder fixed the issue, not fancy but it works. 20211013_192953.jpg 20211013_192943.jpg