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Craftec Lathe And Milling Machine And Accessories C$10,000





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Interesting method of storing the lathe chucks. I could just see myself braining myself on those every time I walked by!

My thoughts EXACTLY.

Much rather be picking them up off a shelf than getting kicked by a buffalo in the face.

Besides, they are not really that heavy. A 16" chuck maybe. But those whimpy little chucks no way.

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Good equipment for those that have surpassed the hobby aspect of machining IMO. Looks to me like the tooling would not be of much use for the entry level machinist, nor the average hobby machinist.

It would take several years of experience in order to use what I see on the tooling side of this offer.
Both, effectively and efficiently without burning it up and destroying it. That includes paying for sharpening at the proper intervals, unless capable of doing it yourself.

That's just my opinion.


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Greater Sudbury, ON


Look another CT043... I guess his works... My one question about some of those shell mills is... How can that milling machine run them without stalling? So the machines are worth really about 4-5K maybe... I love the extra long 2 flute 3/4 or 1 endmills...


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I'm bettin' that over half the tooling was bought because the guy thought he'd need it, rather than because he did, and likely, most of it has never been used in anger.

Case in point. On the rack, I see 12 end mills/shell mills, that pretty much offer no advantage over each other, except that you 'should' calculate the revs they should be run... And then use the speed that is the slowest on the mill, because that is as close as you will get... You certainly do not have the Horsepower on tap to actually run them at a productive rate of feed!

From my perspective, at the price for the package, he would be far better of separating it into a bunch of items and parting it all out, rather than to hope for a guy that really wants it all in one go.
I think on average, a fella could get better machines, and fit the tooling better to his own needs, for the money!


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Just noted that the package deal is in the Classifieds, rather than in Member Spotted Deals.

My apologies to the OP, if it seems I am talking poo about your stuff, not intended to be that at all!

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My apologies as well.
I'm not an experience online forum guy myself to notice these things. Heck, I have a hard time finding posts that I already posted in after a few days lol.
That tooling would be great for an older manual horizontal mill.


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Meh. I use one pretty close to the same. It either lives there in the key hole,or in my hand, when the lathe is in use.

Have had a couple replacemet chuck keys with the so-called "safety" spring on them. Those springs lasted minutes at most, before getting chucked into the bin.