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Colchester Student Brake Problem


New Member
Hello, I'm from Germany and I have a Colchester Student lathe. Can someone help me with a problem?
I renewed the brake and a shaft seal. Now I have a problem with the lever that actuates the brake. can someone send me a detailed picture where I can see the lever and function of the brake?
Thanks a lot.


Well-Known Member
Here is a link to a Colchester Student Manual. Hopefully this might help.

I'm betting the OP has the newer student model the same as I my brother wants.

You could also try Colchester, give them the serial number and they may have manual for your machine.
Last summer a member of the group received a .pdf manual for his lathe from Colchester.

You can obtain the manual and other documents directly from Colchester once you register your machine with them. If it is a modern machine from the 1990s onwards I believe that you can register yourself without any intervention required on Colchester's part.

You can also email Spares@colchester.co.uk asking for the parts diagram for your machine, and also tell them the part name you're interested in and they can provide more information. Aside from not having many of the parts I want they've been very helpful to me