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Bridgeport Milling Machine, $3450, Arthur, ON


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Tom Kitta

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It is hard to figure out what exactly they are selling given that they are selling it with ONE picture. He includes an old vise - say $100 value, old Rusty dividing head with rusty chuck - say 300. And "other stuff" - of unknown value.

So machine itself is $3000.

In AB, if all else is good with the machine, it would be an OK price for it. Its an OLD machine, visually needs a lot of cleanup.

In Ontario I feel like its too much. There are better deals there.

The 240v single phase may be related to the white box next to the machine - so depending on how its done it may add value or none at all - after all a VFD today, new, for small motor is very cheap.


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I can't speak for Alberta. For Ontario, I am stunned unless there is something I'm missing...

Without seeing it, listening to it, and checking it over in person, I agree. It doesn't look well cared for at all. I'd expect a much nicer machine for that money in Ontario.

Unless the motor is 3ph, I think the motor is an expensive handicap too.

Unless I was desperate, I would even go to look simply because the odds look too low.