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Tom Kitta

Ultra Member
This is a strange post.... machine is new. Supposedly never used as shop floor will not take the weight. Shop floor looks to be wood beams... not sure what he means - is this upstairs in a two level barn / shop? Strange. Also he never ... though about the machine weight? Fishy.

He also says he wants to trade for something... 17500 ;)

People are funny.

I have a feeling its an R8 machine - but owner does not even say this...

combustable herbage

Ultra Member
Premium Member
For sure it sounds fishy, by the stained glass in the background looks like a church? But scammers aren't usually looking for trades especially vehicles you have to change ownership, weird.
We have a very similar machine at work and it is R8.


Ultra Member
Premium Member
Something about the background in that photo rings a bell. I swear I saw an ad for a smaller mill for sale a while back in that same shop…