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I saw the title and I think my heart skipped a beat and I got a little bit short on breath..... I do love old books...... No interest in buying these, but funny how certain things can trigger us. If these belonged to a member here I probably would be though.


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I doubt the listing will last long & looks like he wants them gone in a single box. But sometimes fellow hobbyists are a bit more amenable to cross border issues than vendors. On other forums I have offered to pick up shipping cost to Canada & it sometimes it works out. Used stuff, particularly books is relatively straightforward on customs forms, but they have to be willing to do it.

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One book we got when my dad passed had fold out sheets around the size of a kitchen table illustrating the topic.


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I inherited the whole library of a similar minded gent! (thank you Robert Grauman), and while I would not be willing to say I have 'all' those in my collection (most look like what evolved into the "Workshop Practice' series of books, I think I have all the Model Engineer magazines that those were strained out of!


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Model Engineers Workshop Manual https://a.co/d/4XBQcnA

There are other options there too.
I'm still trying to figure out why some of these a-holes are trying to sell used copies, for far more than the new (and available) copies are selling for!

See it on almost all the used book sites, as well as on Amazon. Dunno if they are on the crack pipe hard, stupid, or just think the buying public is!

As I recall, I got my copy through one of the outfits in the US that was selling casting kits. Check out Coles, and any other suspects that you can find, to see if someone has stock.