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Anyone looking for big-boy metal working tools?


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Chatted with a fellow in Edmonton this week and he used to run a used machine/tooling business. Moved/downsized and is now focusing on hardening specialty service but he did move some of his sellable equipment to his new shop.

When I say 'big-boy', I'm talking 24"+ rotary table, MT5 tooling, DA QCTP and CAT50 mill holders....probably beyond what most of us would ever need but I don't know what equipment everyone has.

He did have a few 'smaller' pieces:
- rotary grinding table - what price range do these usually sell for?
- 5hp milling machine w/ 10x54 (or larger?) table and DRO

Will be auctioning a lot of it off by Mid Sept but willing to take offers before then.

If anyone is interested, PM and I'll provide his contact info. I don't personally know the guy nor am vouching for his stuff....just happened to cross paths with him and if anyone is in the market for this big stuff, maybe there is a deal in there somewhere.