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Aluminum Square Tubing, $250, Edmonton, AB


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The type of thing you buy and it sits for years til you find a use. Not close enough or cheap enough for me

I did make a few good buys of steel over the years tho that came in handy this past year. Much cheaper tho

Tom Kitta

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For 1/8 wall 1.5" AL in Calgary is $200 brand new. Uncut. His is 1/4, so if it was available it would be maybe $350.

He should scrap it - 80c per lbs. he has 100lbs == 80 CAD and no hassle. 2x scrap is 160 which given the price of 1/8 uncut is just too much IMHO.


It's just what metal supermarkets price is, but I'm assuming could be had cheaper elsewhere


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