A question of oil.


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Yes, NOT affiliated with anyone. Just trying to help out with possible alternative solutions to supply problems…

Here is more info on the CIMCOOL way oil. If it’s good enough for a Cincinnati Milacron machine, I would not hesitate to use it on any of my machines in the shop.

Why I use Shell Tonna: it is easy for me to get - never had any supply issues. Not at all saying others (like Mobile, etc) are better/worse…



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Here is Way Oil on Amazon.

Mobil - 105480 Vactra No. 2, Way Oil, 5 gal, ISO 68 https://a.co/d/3KkVJjz

At $433 + 80 shipping + tax, it's not cheap but you do get a lot of it. I got what I have from Grizzly in the USA and had it delivered to a friend in Michigan.

I bet you could also drop into a few local machine shops and buy just a few litres.

I believe that the primary additive that is in way oil is a sticker that make the oil stay on the surface instead of slowly running off. I think that additive is worth paying for. I wouldn't use a straight oil without it unless I had no choice and even then only temporarily.

Basically, I think that the heart and soul of a lathe or a mill is its ways and its spindle. I believe these two elements especially need all the love and care I can give them, so I would not compromise on the oil I used. That's my view of it anyway.
Holy crap. I will not complain about spending around $100 (maybe less) for a 5L pail of way oil locally a couple of years ago. It was Boss Lubricants that I got it from. I see they have a Vancouver location (not on the island, but localish) maybe you can check there @PaulL?


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Again, I consider the ways and the spindle to be the heart and soul of mills and lathes - ie sacred items not to be treated casually. Until I know better with much higher certainty, mine will get high quality way oil and spindle oil that meet the manufacturers specifications.

I still think you had the best idea of all. Do a group buy of some good stuff.
Not sure why the label says SAE 40 while the link is for 30. This is what I use..


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I'm liking Fuchs oils these days. I buy Way oil and Gun Drill oil from them, though 20L pails is smallest quantity they sell.
Distributor / dealer in Edmonton, Burnaby iirc.
Must admit I used chainsaw bar oil as a way oil for several years and don't really see any difference other than dye color.


I bought both way oil and gear oil from Columbia Fuels on Wilfert Rd in Langford several years ago. Mind you, I did buy 5 gal. pails. I don't recall what I paid and the cost would be different today anyway. I probably have more than I need, but it is deeply buried in storage at the moment, so I can't say for sure.


Just checking in here to mention my recent experience with way oil. Like many I hunted for a source and recently I found two sources of genuine Mobil Vactra #2 in my neighborhood (It even has that hint or 80W90 aroma!). I gave up on finding a reasonably priced source for 4l jugs and now that I have both a lathe and a mill it it's easier to justify the 18.9l pail.

Grainger will sell you a 18.9l pail for $198.39 and they have outlets all over the place (Vactra #2 at Grainger).

I also found Blue Water Group who distribute Mobil lubricants, mostly in Atlantic Canada but if you're in Edmonton then you're in luck too. Price of the 18.9l pail I bought was $155.86

If you can hunt down who your local Mobil lubricants distributor is then you may be in luck. The Amazon price quoted is waaaayyyy out of line.



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Yes, the amazon price is way out of line. It only works if you can split with someone else but it's still out of line unless you have no choice.

I'd pay $200 in a heart beat for 19L of good quality Way Oil.

While I have several Litres left from ages ago, I have a mill and a surface grinder now. Both eat way oil way faster than my lathe. So ya, I'm thinking I'll order some for pickup at Grainger in Windsor next time I'm there.


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Strange, the online inventory makes it appear as they have stock in most viscosities & sizes.
Yes, the inventory claims this, and when completing the order they tell you it's not available for shipping and they can't tell you when it will be :-(
I probably need to phone them.


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Yes, the inventory claims this, and when completing the order they tell you it's not available for shipping and they can't tell you when it will be :-(
I probably need to phone them.

"Not Available Shipment" or "Not Available for Immediate Shipment"? Practically all my orders had at least one item that came up "Not Available for Immediate Shipment" yet it shipped anyways. Ya, call them.


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One of things I read here is oils and sulfated oils,

The biggest and simplest thing is to choose carefully on what liquids you use. Way oils are one of those required evils. Cutting fluid on the other hand you choices that have the least health risks and still providing the maximum benefits (notice I said cutting fluids and not cutting


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KBC switched from UPS to Fedex earlier this year as their primary shipping, but AFAIK no change to issues relating to fluids & oils & such. Just be aware of the increased minimum as posted earlier.