1. Tmate

    Tool Vise stand build

    I just finished a stand for my Reed 4C vise. I used a Budd semi truck rim with a section out of a CO2 tank for a column. The vise weighs 185 lbs. and the stand about 160. I don't think I need to bolt it to the floor for my small home shop work, but I can always weld tabs to the base for that...
  2. Xyphota

    Kurt D675 Milling Vise - Fernie BC

    Could I get some thoughts on this vise? It looks like its got some mileage on it, and it is missing the jaw plates. Do you think $300 is reasonable...
  3. Tom Kitta

    Wanted milling vise (vice)

    Looking for a milling vise. In good condition. Kurt style. Ideal size would be 6'' but I consider 8'' as well. Doesn't need to have a swivel base. Not looking for anything made in China. Taiwan would be OK if price is right (say a Vertex brand). Mostly looking for a Kurt/ Toolmex (Bison...