1. Trent ks

    Southbend 14.5" VFD 3ph to 3ph?

    Hi there! Sorry if this is a rinsed question. I recently acquired a sb 14.5" x 7 and was thinking about getting a VFD. However since I have 3PH in my warehouse already I have been curious about these 3ph to 3ph VFD's available. I haven't been able to find any posts from others who use them...
  2. Trent ks

    SB Model A, GE motor wiring confusion

    Hi everyone! I am fairly new to the forum, it's been a great help so far to which I am grateful. I recently picked up a SB model A, the previous owner had bypassed the R1 Furnas drum switch. It came with a GE 1/4HP, four wire, 1 phase motor, and only L3 and L4 were connected which caused the...
  3. C

    Southbend cone pulley advice

    Hello all, Well I bought my first lathe - and of course I had to take it apart ( actually it did not look like it had been used for some number of years so I didn't feel comfortable running it for long without checking the condition of the internals). I have only cleaned the end gear train and...