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  1. CalgaryPT

    Free To A Good Home - Work Table

    Continuing to make more space in my garage. Princess Auto work table https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/rolling-adjustable-work-table/A-p8008489e Description on PA site says 55 lbs. Table says 200 lbs capacity. Personally I'd go with 55. Anyways, it's in good shape. First person who can...
  2. CalgaryPT

    Free Metal Clamp and Roller Stand

    I have a metal clamp for lifting plate (using a hoist or winch) Princess Auto Model 2910217 (except mine is the older red colour). I also have a roller stand suitable for use with a horizontal band saw, etc. Both free to first person who can pick them up quickly.
  3. CalgaryPT

    Free HD Pallet

    I had a couple of heavy of machines delivered recently. One has a heavy duty pallet (45 x 52) I was about to take to the landfill, but I know sometimes these are really useful for raising equipment in our shops. This one is 6" high and made from 2x6's, so it is tough. It was supporting a 1200...